Makiko Kitagawa

​​​​​​​A moment of eternity.When I look at the photos I've taken, I sometimes feel like I'm suffering from memory loss. Why does my heart throb so much? The images of the past in the frame change over time, and with many contradictions, they accumulate as memories of time, even though nothing is really lost.The flow of reality, on the other hand, is in the exact opposite position to the loss of memory. If the rapid renewal of the world overtakes the accumulation of memory, it may be that the image that is no longer able to accumulate memory also loses its own individuality.I've been photographing everyday life and people out of a desire to preserve the memories of a world that may be suddenly lost in some way. In the process of shooting and editing, I arrived at an image in which one memory was photographed from different points of view, creating a gradation of multiple times, and another intersecting space.Then the whole phenomenon, not just the subject, is fragmented and reconstructed.These reconstructed images may be far removed from our perceptions, but I feel that there are complexities and contradictions lurking in them that arise from photography.